Respect 4 life

Dog Research follows the principle of Respect 4 life.


Respect 4 life covers the following areas:

  • Respect 4 humans
  • Respect 4 all animals
  • Respect 4 nature

The respect 4 life idea is based on the idea that man for his survival and well-being is dependent on other people, its natural environment and the animals around him. From this idea taking care of the other (human, animal, nature) becomes a matter of self-interest. This idea is an ecological variant of the Christian directive; Do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you. The Respect 4 Life concept however focuses not only on people but also on the nature and the animals around us and assumes a greater responsibility on the man himself: In order to lead a good life, man should take responsibility for its natural environment and humans and animals around him.

Aspects of Respect 4 Life

Towards people

  1. tolerance in relation to other people
  2. acceptance of other ways of thinking and living
  3. willingness to invest in the relationship with other humans


Towards nature

  1. Attention to the finiteness of natural resources
  2. An effort to integrate sustainability into the economic models


Towards animals

  1. Responsible ownership is a standard 
  2. Recognition that humans are responsible for stray animal populations
  3. Stray animal management is done only in an humane manner
  4. Protection of wildlife.



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