Dog Research is an initiative of Isabelle Sternheim. Isabelle Sternheim is an anthropologist and a social scientist with a degree in Environmental Studies. Because of her background as an antroplologist and because of her passion for dogs she started Dog Research.

Isabelle Sternheim

Dog Research is interested in the dog-human relation from a cultural point of view. The perception of the dog is in every country different. However dogs are unique animals when it comes to fidelity and loyalty. Not in all cultures these advantages of the dog are recognized. What are their ideas, believes and experiences with dogs. Dog Research tries to find answers by talking to people. All research is done according to the principle of Respect 4 Life.

Sternheim is also owner and founder of the Doctor Dog Foundation. Furthermore she is chair of Animal Foundation Platform, an organization dedicated to homeless animals worldwide and board member of Animal Medical Care Foundation.

Using her scientific background, her own experiences and her pragmatic idealism she is able to contribute to good relationships between dogs and people.

Interview with Isabelle by Canis Bonus

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